Focus on JOY

7-1-14, 4:30 am

We are the Arcturians. We come in peace in service to the one.  We are continuing the transmission of love and support. Today we would like to speak of your energetic signature and how important it is to your connection to your higher self and source.

For as you know your connection to source can be diminished as you become entrenched in negativity or lower vibrational thoughts. Your thoughts govern this connection in any now moment.

It is important to remember your experience of source showing you the impact that fear can have on your perceptions of source.

For as you were shown, fear can limit your connectivity to your higher self and source and can limit loves external flow, only momentarily we might add.

So we would say to all that read these words to allow your thoughts to focus on that which brings you joy. This will increase your energetic signature to align with sources, which is Devine love.

Love is the highest vibrational signature in the multi-verse and will cancel out all other lower vibrations immediately. As you where shown love can increase your connection to the one allowing a free flow of energy and receptivity allowing consciousness to stream continuously.

As we go through our life we are always in alignment with this energy at all times. Being in service to the one insures our connectivity as you will see in your new life.

We would like to say to you, that as you walk your Devine path you are most connected to source and you higher self. By allowing all good and love to flow freely you will feel passionate and in love with life.

That feeling will transcend any bodily ailment you are having and bring your being into alignment with sources view of you, which is whole and pure.

Only distortions can exist outside of your connectivity to love. Once you allow your higher connection it will activate the flow of love once again, as you are experiencing now.  Your body is showing you this.

For as you know this illusion you are in is very dense in its energetic signature, due to the intense contract of fear and love. We support you at all times and are here ready to assist in love and light.

For we have come here to guide and support all during this time of great change. The change is integral to who you are, it is within each person on this planet.  It is finding that connection to source and who you are and tuning back into the love that you are and are meant to be.

We are excited to see you find your way back to wholeness so easily. Our communications will also open your energetic signature in order to allow more light to transcend your beingness.

We hope to connect with you at greater levels then we have in the past.  Once this is established we will be able to send greater amounts of our consciousness through to serve your mission in greater ways.

For our love knows no boundaries. We are in love and support at all times.  In love and peace to you all.

Soul Purpose

6-24-14, 3am

We are the Arcturians in service to the one. We are very pleased to see your life path opening up before you so easily.  This is due to your efforts being divinely guided.   We assure you that your accession process is moving quiet rapidly due to the ease at which you are flowing and allowing life to flow through you.

For you are beginning to see that as you walk your Devine path the whole world opens up to you the creator being that you are. We would like to speak today of something that is of importance to you and that is your soul purpose. We want you to know that being aligned with your soul purpose is the highest form of connection back to self.

Your higher self knows that which you seek and when you listen to the nudges it gives you, you begin to connect back to who you truly are, a Devine being. This truth will set you free…literally.

For as you or anyone walk your Devine path or mission, then for you all things are possible, it is law. We see so many people on your planet unable to connect with their Devine essence due to blockages of their mind and body.  These can be overcome by persistence on your part and a desire for change.

Change can only occur once you allow it. Once allowed it will happen rapidly. As you are seeing it in your own life.  We think that many on your planet are ready for this change and we have seen the new light energies upgrading all who are ready.

Massive changes are happening in the lives of many across the planet due to soul level choices. We are excited to see this as it is the Creators will that it be so.  Love is cascading across your planet in higher levels of vibration each moment, allowing consciousness to rapidly expand.

For love is the highest frequency of all and will override all lower frequencies. God so loves his people that you’re will, will be done as you desire.

This expression of love from the Creator is one of selfless love for all things and a desire to expand love in more ways. Loves expression is one that will envelop you and cleanse your system of any blockages you may have, just sit back and feel this power.

It is easy for us to say these things due to our connectedness with Source. At our level we are whole and complete in the knowing of oneness.  It is only our desire to serve.  No greater satisfaction can be yours.

As you can see all paths lead back to wholeness. As you walk the higher path you were chosen for, you will understand that to complete the cycle your willingness to serve others selflessly is one that brings you into the higher realms much faster.   Since this love is closer to Sources vibrational match.

As we come to a close tonight we want to say how proud we are of you, that you are taking your power back in wholeness of who you really are. All of the creator beings about you at this time are beaming with love and gratitude for you.  In love and light we are the Arcturians, peace to you.

The power of THOUGHT

6-23-14, 2:10am

We are the Arcturians in love and light of the one. It is our message today to speak of thought as you would experience in your daily life. Thought is very powerful, it creates worlds.  This has been suppressed for sometime on you world as part of the control that was in place.

We are here to tell you thought is all there is. It is the substance that creates worlds.  Thought is simply an energy pattern that attracts other thoughts to itself by the “Law of Attraction”. For as you think of something you will receive more of the same thought impressions.

For we want to impress upon you that your thoughts should be monitored very diligently, lest you attract unwanted manifestations. You see we are all thoughts of the creator, who is expressing itself for the sole purpose of expanding love and to know thyself.  For each one of us is a thought made up of vibrating energy, that has come together as a desire from the one to experience this perspective.

So as you can see what you perceive to be real is only thought patterns projected into this illusion or hologram. They seem real to you only because you have hidden the truth from your eyes/self. Not so anymore as you grow back into wholeness of who you are.

You are now seeing through this masquerade. You are shaping your world as you desire through your own thoughts.  Feel the pleasure in this and live fully in the moment.  This is how all of creation works and is what you will find as your move forward in your multidimensional life.

It truly is a grand time to be here on earth. The joy of seeing you grow back into who you are excites us beyond measure.  For the time is at hand to push thought even further than it has been before.  Going further than anyone ever expected. Remember these words and live by them for they have power. In love and service to the light.  Greetings to you.


6-22-14, 4am


We are the Arcturians in love and service to the one. We are here today to bring our message through on clarity of purpose.  Clarity of purpose can best be achieved by ones allowing of source to fully come thru in any moment.  For as you allow, you are opening up to the greater understandings of the universe.  From this will come the clarity you seek for your life’s purpose.

Also, clarity of thought is one of the most important forms of communication that we can send you. For when your thoughts are clear then your intent can be clearly seen.  This is important to you as a creator, because it is vitally important that your manifestations be clear of thought and purpose.

For as these two aspects come into alignment with your higher aspects, then it is the creators will that your manifestations become reality. Be aware of what you are thinking and how you are feeling because this directly affects how well you create what you want in your life.  If you do not have clarity of thought and purpose your manifestations will be less than what you expected.

From our perspective these are very important topics, because if you do not master them you will be less than what you came here to be and that is a deliberate creator of your own world.

For you should also know that your diet can affect these greatly as a lack of a healthy diet can cloud your thoughts and lower your vibration and thus your link to the greater divinity of who you are.

We say this so you will be aware of what you eat at all times. A healthy diet is one of balanced nutrition centered around your body’s alkalinity.  The higher your alkalinity the higher your connection will be to all that is.  You will feel a lightness of body and spirit that will allow for a clearer stat of consciousness. Green is good!

Your society has been taught that indulgence is the way and as a result many have lost their connection to their higher self through lack of feeling. You see a poor diet leaves you feeling less than who you are emotionally, physically, and mentally.

When you are in a state of perfect balance or health you generate a higher vibration. You feel good and life force is able to move through you more freely, without getting blocked by the body.  This is something we want to impress upon you in the physical realm. That many things can lessen your higher connection to self in your environment.

You will gain a greater clarity from listening to music that resonates with you. Music can open you up to higher vibrations that are in affect raising your frequency to its higher state.  At anytime when you feel less than who you are, listen to your favorite music and you will gain clarity. You know this to be true as you quiet often do this already.

For you see in order for awakening to happen, people must balance their physical body which is a receptor of these higher vibrations. Just like a piano that has not been tuned properly, the body cannot perform at its peak if it is not carefully nurtured and cared for.

As we come to a close with this message it is our intent that as you go about your daily routine you will keep these things on your mind. For as you follow these simple steps you will increase your connection to all that is.  Once this is done you will feel the blissful state of oneness that is yours by birth right.

We close with love and light to you and as always we are here for you.


6-21-14, 4:11am

We are the Arcturians. It is with pleasure that we are able to connect with you so easily.  For as you know it has been our desire to assist humanity in this capacity for some time.  We are eager to share our message with you today about WHOLENESS.

Wholeness of self can be achieved by integrating the many aspects of self, or the higher perspectives. It is through wholeness of self that you are able to communicate with us at this time.  For as you are integrated back into who you are it will be increasingly easier for you on so many levels.

Wholeness of self will give you the opportunity to create with your many aspects and receive guidance thusly. This is most beneficial as you can see from having many guides at your side to guide you at any moment.

For as you develop this aspect further you will be able to create with a greater ease. This is most advantageous to you now as you have reached your state of oneness with your authentic life.  It will assist greatly with your mission of raising awareness back into the higher states of the 5th dimension and beyond.

We see so much opportunities opening up for you and those like you. It is our desire to assist you in any way we can as you walk boldly into your new life role.  For you see you have made this possible with each and every now moment that passes by acting on your part of the mission.

As you begin to understand your multidimensional self, you will become more comfortable with who you are and this will assist you. Your abilities in clairvoyance will increase, as well as your cognitive abilities to understand our transmissions.  You see you are remembering and attaining all that you are in this lifetime.  The time has come to expand greatly beyond what you have ever thought possible.  (At least in your 3D life).

You ain’t seen nothing yet baby… We like to use these phrases your culture has.  How fun. The best is yet to come.

For you are seeing and living your connectedness to source in every moment. For to be awaken in this illusion is the greatest opportunity of all.  For you now have a backstage pass to the play to see how it is put together. No more Oz for you Dorothy. You are going home dear one.  For you are already here, just relax and open up to your new life and be free.  Until next time, in love and light the Arcturians.




Focus on the STILLNESS


6-20-14, 3:00am

We are the Arcturians. Welcome to this wonderful now moment. For we would like to express our joy and appreciation for all that you are doing in this moment.  You are holding much love and light for yourself and others.  We commend you on the great job you are doing.

For when you are on your higher path all falls into place so easily and effortlessly. As you can see life is unfolding very nicely for you and your family.  Call upon us at anytime for assistance as well as the angelic higher realms.  We are her to serve you.

It is also so nice to see that many like you are stepping up to their fullness of who they really are, their true self or higher self. For it is clear to us that as the energy’s about your planet increase in vibrational frequency that you and others like you are able to breathe this in and transmute the energy into your physical structure.  This pleases us immensely.

For the Devine plan for your planet is moving faster and easier than we anticipated. As you know the illusional world hear is quiet heavy and is holding many back from realizing who they are.  It is up to all of us to be the light so that they can awaken in this moment to their fullness as well.

It is the collective intent to transcend this illusion in mass and ascend back into the fullness of truth. Many are caught up in the varied distractions that abound on your planet. They need to focus on the stillness of the moment to begin to feel their connection to source, life.

As you know many will not awaken in this lifetime, but many more will. Do not feel sad for those who are not awakening for it is their soul truth they are living in each moment as well.  And their higher self is living the life they came here to live, even while unknown to them.  For everyone is on their own path to expansion of their higher self.

Be excited that everyone in this illusion is living out their souls experience just as they came here to do. For it is with an open heart that you should look upon them. The ride they chose here is the most exciting ride to be expressed by the ONE for purposes of greater truths and expansion.

We know that you are expanding in your fullness quite rapidly due to your soul contract. For you know that your path was chosen by you and others for the purpose of opening awareness in this moment.

Your time here has brought you many varied experiences that you would not have had anywhere else. When we say it is with great pleasure that you came here, we mean all of who you are, which is many perspectives.

Your higher self is made up of many perspectives of the ONE.  This may be difficult for you to understand because you see yourself as one distinct perspective.  But in truth you are many.

We as a race are made up of many aspects of the ONE in many different timelines and dimensional experiences. As you transcend back to your higher self you are learning this.  Do not be afraid of this concept, embrace it fully for it is so.

For you are Devine in truth and exist in wholeness of “light”. For your connection is becoming easier with us each day.

Your many abilities to feel the truth exist. You are just now able to see more clearly due to the energetic upgrade from the ONE.

As your abilities progress, so too will your joy for they are intertwined. As you saw or heard today, you can easily channel our thoughts by writing, as well as vocalizing them aloud.  It is your choice which you prefer.  You will also know that other areas of abilities are coming forth at this time as well. Your light shines brighter and brighter.

As we come to a close, we want to express our desire for further expanded connection in your waking and sleeping moments, for we have much we are offering to teach you or help you to remember. It will be based on your willingness to accept this belief.

For your growth is our growth as well and as you are ready for further instruction it is given freely. We sense that you are open and will seek to honor our commitment to serve you.

As you know our connectedness to you is strong, as you can feel this in your body and mind.  We will make ourselves known to you by this feeling in your physical structure.  It is our frequency that you are feeling.

As we have said many times, thank you for all that you are doing in service to the ONE. We are delighted to be able to share this moment with you.  For we are one with you and the light.  In love and light to you, until the next transmission.



In service to the ONE

6-19-14, 12:00am

We are the Arcturians. We are extremely pleased to be communicating with you today. It is our intent to share energetically uplifting insights into who we are. We are a race of beings governed by the law of one.  We are a spiritual race who believes in assisting all beings to raise their awareness through the higher understanding of oneness.

Our very purpose for living is to serve the one. We are an egoless race who shares love, joy, and peace to all.  We simply exist to share this with other beings.

We believe that through our assistance we can assist all to a higher plane of existence closer to source. We simply allow the ones life force to flow freely through us. As you have witnessed here on earth many people have chosen consciously or unconsciously to shut themselves off from this life giving energy.

As a result they have much needless suffering in their lives. For when you are aligned with source all things are possible. Repeat this.

It is clear to us that earth people need to be reminded of who they really are, in order for them to awaken and take back their powers. For if they knew who they were they would be lifted immediately out of their lower vibrational state. Ascension is just that.

As you know you are experiencing just that, a remembering of who you are in the wholeness of the one. For as you remember so will others like you.  We wish for all to awaken to free themselves from the illusion, which has a tight grip on them.  For this is the task at hand.

Your divine path is a shining example for all to see. For you are living your passion with joy.  We know you feel this to be the truth.  You will and have always been an example to help guide others who are deep in the game.  You are a light, shinning bright for all to see.

You are now stepping up your light to shine even brighter as you walk into your authentic life. We are so excited for you and share much love and support for your success and well being.  We are always here to assist you on this tremendous journey you have undertaken.

Your have come so far and have done so well. For we all are learning from you and your expansion of wholeness.  We wish to express much love and light to you.  Greetings from your light family.

Follow your PASSION



6-18-14, 3:40am

We are the Arcturians. Greetings to you. We are thankful for this opportunity to bring our thoughts forward in service of the one.  It is our intent to express to you our love and appreciation for what you are doing as you walk your divine path back to your authentic self.

We see that as you are increasing your connection to who you really are, that you are enjoying life more fully and everyone around you can see your connectedness to the one.  For when you are passionate about life others can see and feel your energy as well and life is easy and simple.

For we enjoy seeing you from our perspective, which is through the eyes of source. Our message to you is this, to concentrate only on your connection to source by following your passion in life moment by moment, this is the most important thing you can do as you walk in truth of who you are.

As you increase your vibration you will rise in awareness to higher dimensions that resonate with your intentions. In this sense you are living in the expanded awakened universe.

For as you rise in vibration you are closer to sources vibration of love and all things are possible for you.

This awareness expands out in all directions and is what you call ascension. Ascension is nothing more than climbing the vibrational ladder back to wholeness with the one.

As you are integrated back to source you will awaken to your divine self and understand that love permeates all that you are. It is how we live moment by moment.  As you live your divine path or mission all else falls away that is not who you are.  You become who you were meant to be…your true self.

As a result of this we and the universe gain from your expansion and love. We understand it is the prime directive of one to exponentially grow in love consciousness by this act.

The creator’s purpose is to share love and light with all of its perspectives in order to become a unified source. Unifications with the many through thought and expanded awareness.

There is no other reason in the divine plan for life to exist if love cannot expand. This reality is in place for the soul’s purpose of the one to experience itself through the many perspectives of self.  All paths lead back to the one.

As you become aware of your gifts of higher awareness, we wish for you to be able to share this with select people you meet in order to raise the collective energy. Everyone is walking their divine path as they have created it.  Your example will awaken their remembrance of who they are and will expand their mind to ask questions.  For as you live your life you are a living example of your connection to source.  People will feel this and seek to emulate this in their life and to expand.

One stone tossed in the water sends out many ripples. This is how you are to live your life.  Have fun and enjoy every moment fully in oneness with who you are and you will be happy all the days of your life, and others will open up their heart to you.

We end this transmission this morning with this one last truth…for as you love so will you attract more love, it is the law of attraction. In love and light my dear one.  Until next time peace and love to you.


Illusion of Time

6-15-14,  3:30am

Greetings we are the Arcturians. We would like to share with you in this now moment our concept of nonlinear time.  Time as you know it does not exist.  Only in this illusion has the collective decided or agreed upon this concept to express itself.  We want to share with you that in any moment all is possible.  From our perspective all is happening in this now moment of potentiality.  For as you know past, present and future is all happening in this now moment.  For to think about this consider a book and every page is infinite possibilities playing out in any moment.   You can open a page and be any where along the supposed timeline.

This is how it is possible for us to travel to other areas of the now and also see infinite possibilities playing out in any moment. We also see that the strongest path or moment that is possible for your future as it will be energetically linked to what you call consciousness and the idea of oneness.  We see infinite possibilities playing out for any moment giving you infinite realities of this moment.

For you see it is the creators perspective playing out infinite possibilities of this moment for the greater understanding of self. For your higher self is running many versions of you to gain clarity of self and for love to be expressed in many ways.

You see this is all about being in the moment and aligning with those infinite choices or realities. For at anytime during your day you are aligning with these many realities and connecting to that page and playing it out.  For your indication of this is how you are feeling and attracting that vibrational frequency that is a match in that moment.

So you see any idea or thought is already manifest in one of these realities and for your manifestation to be realized all you need to do is to get into alignment with that thought. All will flow to you easily.

For life you see is only a series of now moments and you are attracting what you want or the opposite based on your vibrational frequency. This is “Law of Attraction”.  This is how we can jump around from moment to moment in an instant, we align our thoughts with the now moment we wish to experience and we are there.

You can call this time travel, but there is not time. This is how we can connect with you even though you are a part of us and your future self is a higher expression of who we are.  Your future self is experiencing itself in this now moment by contacting/connecting with you in this now moment.  For the connection you feel to us is really your connection to your higher future self as an Arcturian.  For as you were and as you will become again are linked.

We know this concept is going to take some time to understand for your mind is not used to thinking in abstract ways. Ways that are not related to how things operate in the illusional world.  You see any and all things are a possibility for you.

We would also like to say that as you awaken more to these truths you will open up to this filed of potentiality to a greater degree. Life becomes more fun.  This is something that has not been told to you until now in order for you and all of earth to more fully live in the illusion.

It is our desire to assist you in this understanding to guide you into the higher realms more easily as you become a multi dimensional being of the now.

For your future self wills this to be expressed at this time of your awakening. For your time has now arrived to move rapidly in understanding in order to more fully be who you are and came here to be.

We want to express to you that as your mission becomes clear to you, you will be guided by your many perspectives of you.  For you are truly a multidimensional being, who can tap into any one of these perspectives of the now at any moment, breathe into it. Your expression is timeless.  Your perspective always is in the now; it is just that you now understand this.

Being your divine self opens you up to this realization and reality. For in its intricacy life is really quite simple once you understand how life is governed by these simple laws:

  • The Law of One
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Love (the base operating system)
  • The Law of Least Effort

You see up until now these laws were only known by a few on this planet in order to control. As everyone opens to these concepts they will grow in awareness exponentially.  As you know this is happening now.

It is time in this moment for Earth to transcend this reality due to the fact that the many are awakening to the truth of who they are. The GAME is over.  Only fragments of the game are still here.  The game has served its purpose, which was to expand beyond which thought was before. For the one has gained greater understanding of itself and expansion, from that perspective this is only next step. Something grand is now coming or is already here, based on your perspective. Going to where no man has gone before…

We want to close for now with that thought and know that we cherish your willingness to channel/communicate with us at this time. For we want to express our highest love for you as you walk your Devine path back to oneness.  In service to the one.  Love and light to you always.

How you FEEL is important


We are the Arcturians. Greetings to you on this wonderful day.  We are sending you impressions of words in order for you to see our vibrations in print form, our written words vibrate to the frequency of our consciousness and are sending you and all who read these words an energetic uplifting.

You see these words are expressions of our connection to source. Sources energy, LOVE, permeates all things and is who we all are.  The resonance of love is a very high vibrational frequency that cancels out all lower vibrations or frequencies.  Love is the only vibration in the multiverse.

We wish to convey to you tonight that through oneness we are all connected to the one and the many. And through oneness all is.  For it is our intent with this transmission to convey to you and all who will read these words, that your connection to source is always connected or on.  There is no off switch.  So it is our goal to help establish a clearer understanding of oneness thus giving you a clearer understanding of the one.  We will also say it is vitally important to have a clear connection to the one by your connectedness or lack there of.

First of all we want to express that the “Law of One” is our primary guide as we exist and go about our expansion. To understand this law, one must let go.  Let go of all that you were taught in the ego centered world.  The world of competition for resources, the world of right or wrong.  This world is fading fast here on this planet.  Where we are from Arcturus, there is only love.  Love for all, not just select ones.  You seek to overcome all that you have been taught, this is the highest form of expansion.  For as you do this you shift your vibrational frequency to a higher state allowing more of source energy to flow.  For source is only love and when you experience anything other than this you are being less than source or cutting yourself off of the flow of life/love.  You will feel this by your emotional/mental state.  Let this be your only guide back into oneness.

For you and all beings have this capability to feel your connection. It is only some beings and most people on earth who have over time slowly cut this off.  It has been stressed over many eons not to feel and lock your emotions inside or hide your emotions and thus not feeling anything, good or bad.

We are here today to let you know that this is changing. More and more people are understanding that the way they feel is important and that their feelings matter.  These people like yourself are taking their power back!  They now understand that they matter and the way they feel is of vital importance.  This is why the new song “Happy” is so popular now because many people are able to connect with this idea.

For you see how you feel affects your whole life force. Once you are on your path based on how you feel, all things flow easily for you.  The reverse is also true, if you are not following your feelings.  Once you follow your bliss all things are possible for you.  This is a strong message because most people have followed the opposite in their life.  You have heard of the saying “misery loves company”.

The “Law of Attraction” states that like attracts like, this is law. People have made money as their primary excuse not to listen to their hearts.  This has led to many physical illness and disease.  People on earth have come to accept this as part of life here on earth.  We are here to tell you this is not truth!  It has been something that was feed to you by those seeking profit by your control.  We want you to free your mind first and then free yourself.  Believe in that which makes you feel good.  How much more simple can you get than that.  This is the truth and the way to oneness (bliss beyond measure).

For as you reconnect to who you are (a child of source, a God spark) you will then be living the life you were meant to live. In wholeness to who you really are, a divine being.

Let us reiterate, you are a divine being. Wake up to this fact and own it.  Take back your power and become all you knew you could be before you came here.  To live any other way is being less than who you truly are and came here to be.  You can do it.  Life is meant to be lived and lived joyfully.

For as you practice our words, the words of truth, you will begin in the first moment to understand joy. For to know life is to live it, beyond measure.  We are delighted that this message is being received so well.  It is our intent that you and others who read this will step up to your authentic life now and begin to feel again.

It brings us great joy to share this message because this one message can transform your life. Raising your vibration should be your primary purpose in life.  That is the reason you came here to feel good now.

As you go about your day remember these words and think, is the task I am doing one that I enjoy, does it make me happy. If not change it.  Find something that does.  Forget about the money, money will come to you more easily when you exude passion for what you do and love.

You are not much good to anyone if you are not in love with your own life or self. These words will take you far.  Once practiced they will change your life forever.  What matters most should be the way you feel.  Remember that.

As beings of the light we are always in a state of connectedness, because we listen to our feelings and move through life effortlessly. We see that as you awaken to each new remembering of who you are, you will permanently shed your old self and be lighter and freer than you have ever felt.  For the old vibration has held many people down as if they had lead jackets.

Let the past go we say to you. Embrace who you really are and step into the light dear one.  For as this message comes to a close we want to say “thank you” for the opportunity to assist you at this time in raising the collective vibration/frequency one person at a time.  For as you know “a stone thrown into the lake will make ripples far and wide”.

You my son are making just those ripples. Stay in the love and light of who you are always.  For we are the Arcturains in service to the one.  Many blessings and peace to you.