Focus on JOY

7-1-14, 4:30 am

We are the Arcturians. We come in peace in service to the one.  We are continuing the transmission of love and support. Today we would like to speak of your energetic signature and how important it is to your connection to your higher self and source.

For as you know your connection to source can be diminished as you become entrenched in negativity or lower vibrational thoughts. Your thoughts govern this connection in any now moment.

It is important to remember your experience of source showing you the impact that fear can have on your perceptions of source.

For as you were shown, fear can limit your connectivity to your higher self and source and can limit loves external flow, only momentarily we might add.

So we would say to all that read these words to allow your thoughts to focus on that which brings you joy. This will increase your energetic signature to align with sources, which is Devine love.

Love is the highest vibrational signature in the multi-verse and will cancel out all other lower vibrations immediately. As you where shown love can increase your connection to the one allowing a free flow of energy and receptivity allowing consciousness to stream continuously.

As we go through our life we are always in alignment with this energy at all times. Being in service to the one insures our connectivity as you will see in your new life.

We would like to say to you, that as you walk your Devine path you are most connected to source and you higher self. By allowing all good and love to flow freely you will feel passionate and in love with life.

That feeling will transcend any bodily ailment you are having and bring your being into alignment with sources view of you, which is whole and pure.

Only distortions can exist outside of your connectivity to love. Once you allow your higher connection it will activate the flow of love once again, as you are experiencing now.  Your body is showing you this.

For as you know this illusion you are in is very dense in its energetic signature, due to the intense contract of fear and love. We support you at all times and are here ready to assist in love and light.

For we have come here to guide and support all during this time of great change. The change is integral to who you are, it is within each person on this planet.  It is finding that connection to source and who you are and tuning back into the love that you are and are meant to be.

We are excited to see you find your way back to wholeness so easily. Our communications will also open your energetic signature in order to allow more light to transcend your beingness.

We hope to connect with you at greater levels then we have in the past.  Once this is established we will be able to send greater amounts of our consciousness through to serve your mission in greater ways.

For our love knows no boundaries. We are in love and support at all times.  In love and peace to you all.

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