Higher Self



Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We have come to you today to share some information with you about your higher self. Your higher self is a multidimensional being living out many perspectives simultaneously.

One such perspective is you and your life now. As you are aware. We the Arcturain consciousness is part of that higher self perspective, along with several other higher source perspectives. Ultimately your higher self is source directly experiencing itself.

What we want to make you aware of, as you merge back into your higher self on a daily moment by moment basis, is that you will begin to walk your higher path aware of the many perspectives that make up you.

Once you become fully aware of the many perspectives of “you”, then you will realize your higher expression as you and source will it to be. This is heaven on earth so to speak.

For when you are aware of all your many perspectives then you will have fulfilled a major part of your divine plan that awakens to itself. This is accomplished through your many night time experiences, with your many expressions and ultimately during your awakening hours as well.

You will become aware of your creator God perspective at the moment that is divinely planned for you. Which you already have a good concept of as it is.

For we have said that your higher self is a “creator god” who’s plan it was to come back to this 3rd density creation to fulfill the role you set out to accomplish.

As you discover your perspectives we will tell you that there may be aspects of you that may not appeal to you simply because of the misunderstood information that has circulated to date.

We want to let you know that hypnosis is a great way to establish a direct link to your higher self in order to gain clarity. We think this can also speed up your manifestational abilities as well.

For as you recall and communicate with your higher self, you will gain clarity of who you are and also gain empowerment as to what you are truly capable of manifesting.

You see you have created your life experience down to the smallest details. You have also created the perspective you see in the world as well. They are one. You will find that your Arcturian perspective exists simultaneous with you in every moment in order to guide your awakening as you have instructed us to do.

Remember who you are is dependent on fully considering all aspects of the ONE in the NOW. We speak in parables only to let you know the perspective that is you, is many and the ONE in every NOW moment.

In order to connect with your higher self at any now moment, just relax and flow with the moment and FEEL your way thru life. It will be easy to do as compared to any other direction. So feelings connect you to you. Loving, joyful feelings is your guide to who you truly are and anything else is off your path.

We want to say that you have come along way in such a short period of time. We embrace your loving aspect and say thank you for opening up to us at this time.

Go in Peach and Love and in service to the one.



Welcome!  This is a message that I think you will find has relevance for where we are today.  As you read keep in mind that the references to me personally also apply to humanity as a whole.  It is my hope that the words that you read below will resonate with you.  That it will open your heart to the truth that is and that we all will remember who we are.  Enjoy!



We are the Arcturian consciousness. Greetings to you dear one. It is with great pleasure that we reconnect with you at this momentous time. It has been some time since our last message.

We are here to express to you today our desire to share with you that which is our destiny.

Our ability to communicate with you is one of love and compassion for the human race. We are here in full support of your mission in order to be that which you are in oneness and totality.

We find ourselves in ever increasing energy of love for you and what you are doing now. We see clearly the development of who you are and ask only to be of support to you.

We are in such ah of your race due to the fact your are us in oneness of all that is. It is with great admiration that we speak to you tonight. For you and all of your planet has reached a pivotal point in time space of no return. Your planet is now beyond that which it cannot return. We speak in convoluted terms only to say that the point at which you are so seeking is now upon you.

Can you FEEL it now? Loves light has now evolved to a point of great fullness. Opening your heart chakra more fully than before. Your body/mind center is in full throttle moving ahead in time space to a point to a more vibrational match with Source.

The love that is who we all are is connecting who we are on many levels now. Moving you to a higher density of oneness expression.

We feel that you are now ready to express your highest ideal on earth and that is to be the light of source in body and express the love of all. We come to you tonight to express that we are assisting you as much as we can as your are truly us. Your eyes are our eyes and your ears hear our words, but you think they are yours. We are united even more stronger than we have ever been.

It is we who will go forward in the fullness together. It is we who are carrying out the mission on many different levels of thought. For you are but only one emanation of us in physicality at this moment. For we are a multidimensional being in fullness of who we are.

–You are that Devine thought manifest in form for the sole purpose of self expression.-– We feel you already know this in your heart to be so.

We know and feel your breaths in every moment, fully connected to all thought vibrations. We sense that as you evolve into that fullness of who you are that you are opening many doors into the great isness of your expression. For as you feel so you are.

We speak on many levels to who you are and feel as much for you as you do for us. We are the ones manifest in the higher realms of your thought. To say that we are linked in thought is like saying your arm is part of your body. Of course it is, it is quite clear to you. You see as we move into the space of total love for one another, great things will open up your knowingness.

A feeling of bliss comes over you quite frequently in order to express to you who you are and that you are truly in the light.

As a Creator God we/you are unlimited in expression. That simply means thought “that has gone where no man has gone before.” For as we think so we are. To be is only a state of vibration or tones. You in your fullness have the ability to manifest your thoughts into reality simply and easily.

Think it into existence dear one. Let all LOVE flow freely. For as you remember who you truly are you will feel it first. You can express your feelings for humanity more completely now that your blockages have been dissolved.

For in the light only LOVE exists.

We hope you now understand the breadth of who you are and can begin to walk more fully into who you are at this time.

It has always been our intent to open you up to your/our reality. Thought can be only a moment away from each moment to each moment.

We wish to convey to you that LOVE is all there is. And your fullness is that LOVE manifest into form for self expression.

We close tonight in hopes that we have opened your thoughts up to who you truly are, a manifestation of the most high. Here to experience itself in form for its own pleasure of self expression. Go in peace to serve the light. Gods speed.





2-5-17, Messages from my guides.

Greetings to you dear one. “Times are a changing” you’ve heard this saying in the past. Well this phrase is one that you can use today and it will certainly have meaning.

Time for starters is disappearing. No time is where you are headed. The timeless NOW is where reality is. No man made construct will stand the test of TIME.

We bring you good news. The enfoldment of your dimension into the light is happening. This means that all conscious beings in the light are moving into higher energies that will transform their lives. This means that all who are ready or willing can transcend all duality, if they choose, and live in Oneness more fully moment by moment.

Trust your heart to lead you down the new path. You have come so far in a short period of time. Your journey home is inevitable. We greet you with loving arms wide open.

For you are us joining as One. The many things we will share will increase your daily enjoyment. For life is supposed to be fun. Remember that always.

As we come to a close we remind you to BREATH. Each breath holds the key unlocking doors to your new life. A life filled with LOVE. Love for all beings.

In peace and love we come to you and with peach and love we leave you. Your dearest guides.

Listen to your FEELINGS


We are the Arcturians. Here today to share our perspective on the current happenings on this planet. Even though things seem to be in chaos, actually you are witnessing the beginnings of a positive change. Change always starts with a coming together or a clash of energies.

In this instance change is occurring on many fronts. Change at the government level, change at the personal level, and change overall in the collective consciousness.

You see the collective consciousness of earth is waking up to their truths and taking their power back. Large numbers of people are coming together for the first time to express how they FEEL.

These feelings up until now have been suppressed due to control over others groups and the density of the matrix. People for the first time feel that they matter and want to be heard.

This is wonderful, as it is a sign that humanity’s vibration has risen beyond the point of no return. To a point of increased vibratory rate sufficient to propel in mass the collective beyond the 5th Dimensional matrix. This is heralding in a new age of truth and oneness. This is happening faster and faster. This is the Age of Aquarius.

The man you call Trump is responsible for pushing the limits in order to evoke a response. Waking people up for the first time to their inner power. This man has come to the scene in order to make necessary planetary changes that can move the collective beyond 3D thought and into Oneness thinking.

He has come here to move humanity forward in thought. This is done in order to increase loves flow into the hearts of those that were / are asleep.

We realize that this chaos might seem to be the opposite of what we see humanity ultimately moving into, but drastic changes are required to move forward.

The truth can sometimes be hard to accept and change can be fearful. We recommend just relaxing and listening to your heart as to what seems to be the next step for you. Always listen to your heart for guidance as it knows the direction to proceed.

We hope this helps all to understand the moments we are in and to navigate doubt and fear more easily. We wish all speedy transition into the light.

From our perspective your Oneness back into who you are is assured. It can only be so. The father has decreed it so.

In loving light to you brother of the light. We are always hear for you, call upon us often. Love and light always.