HIGHER Energies



We are the Arcturians in love and service to the One. It is our pleasure to be of service to you today. We are very anxious to be able to express ourselves to you today about your planet. Your planet has now moved into the higher source energy that we previously spoke about. This allows all on your planet the ability to tap into the higher frequencies at any time. This allows for loves light to be able to expand exponentially.

Your manifestations will now take less time to form physically than ever before. We share this with you today because we believe it is important that you are made aware of this, in order to take full advantage of it. GOD has given all who care to see and feel and immense quaintly of love and light. This will awaken even more people from their sleepy slumber.

You have the choice to be able to take advantage of this or not. We see that your manifestations are quickly taking form. You have seen from the many synchronicities that this is so. Be mindful of what you think about for it will surely manifest rapidly now.

This is a great gift that source has given all on this 3D planet. Again many wonderful things are opening up for all at this time and in your near future.

We as always are extremely pleased to be able to assist humanity at this time. We feel your excitement as well, as your life is greatly changing to follow your hearts fulfillment.

As you walk your truth many others are able to see and learn from you.   This effect has ripples far wider than you know into the consciousness of space/time.

Your light shines so very bright for all to see and benefit from. All smiles to you dear one for the wonderful things you do, in service to the ONE.

Blessings and peace to you. Until next time we send our love.



8-8-14, 12:20am

We are the Arcturians. Today we would like to share with you our understanding of time. Time as you know it does not exist anywhere. Only in your 3D world does it govern your life.

We in the higher realms only live in the NOW. So past, present, and future, only exist NOW. Time was put into place on your world by those who wanted to control. You see if you believed there was a finite period in which to do something this would create fear of not getting it done in “time”.

For many their whole life is governed by the clock. They move quickly as if there are not enough moments to live. We are here to tell you that the concept of TIME is no longer a governing factor.

You are experiencing it in your life by way of living moment to moment. All time per se is blurring.

We acknowledge that the 3D construct will take a while to fully dissolve the illusion of time. But we tell you this, at a certain point people will all of a sudden have an aha experience and time will have stood still.

As you know when you are enjoying the moment time ceases to exist. We tell you all of this because God exists outside of the TIME construct. And as you grow back into who you really are you will leave time behind as well.

For your life is NOW. Live it well dear ones.

Until next time peace and love to you!

Let LOVE flow


Welcome to my blog today.  I am guided to publish this message that seems very appropriate to where we are today, as the new year moves forward and change is upon us.

As you will read in this message waves of love are cleansing the planet, so the new may emerge.  Just like a forest fire cleanses the mountainside so new life can emerge in a different way.  The old must leave for the new to come forth.

I hope this message brings light to where you are today and in the days ahead.  Remember to take back you POWER in your own life.


8-2-14, 10:45pm

We are the Arcturians. We have come to express to you and the many about what is going on in your world at this time.

For you might already know that waves of love from the creator are being sent to you each and every moment.   For your whole planet is continually being feed love in immense quantities in order to awaken all for it is time to awaken.

You understand that in order to open your heart to all that is, you first must be cleansed of any lower vibrations not serving your higher self.

The love waves being sent are doing just that, they are in affect cleansing every particle on this planet in order to resonate more closely with source, love.

You may feel old hurts or feelings come to the surface needing to be released once and for all. We tell you to allow and let go. For these emotions that once served you for learning are now leaving.

You are rising to a higher vibrational state in every moment. The old is giving way to the new higher love.

We tell you that as you climb the vibrational scale you will notice all kinds of things occurring that you cannot understand at this time. For your world is changing rapidly all around you.

LOVE is now the order of the day. Release all fears from your past because they do not serve you now. Fear was in place to only control you. Look it in the eye and be not moved, it is not real we tell you. It only seeks to keep you in its grip caged like a bird. Send it love and send it on its way dear one.

Your time to shine is now. You are a powerful creator who has come to make big changes. As you walk in your new life, know that you are powerful. Take back your power. You are now living the life of your dreams. You decide what you want, no one else does.

We are here to assist with this. Call upon us often, for we are here for you always dear one.

In love and light your Arcturian family. Go in peace until next time.

New Year Guidance



Happy New Year!

This is a message from the Arcturians that was expressed through me from my request to understand what 2017 will bring.  What was interesting about this message is that I woke up at 3am, (this is the typical time my channelled messages come thru) moments before I had a dream (multidimensional travels) of being with others on a ship and discussing things.  Then Donald Trump walked by me escorted by other beings.  He momentarily looked at me and said a few words, not sure what, and then I was told he was being briefed about upcoming events and he walked away.  It is very interesting that the message below is what came through after this.  Enjoy.


3am, 1-6-17  Messages from the Arcturians

Greetings we are the Arcturians.  We come to you today with regards to the passing of your new calendar year and the events that will unfold to bring about great change.

The new year is a time of renewal, a fresh start.  This year is of such a time.  Humanity will be drawn together like never before.

The election of a new president will most certainly change life in the US.  This new election will open doors to initiate change on a wide spread area.  People will ban together to initiate change that they want.  You may see people for the first time taking to the streets to show their unity and support of change.

We cannot express more deeply that the time is NOW for more people to awaken to the truths of what is going on on earth. 

The veil will open much wider for all to see behind the curtain of OZ.  The wizard will be revealed to show how deeply they have manipulated all things in their favor.

Our support will be available and assured as great change sweeps the land.  You will see us and others in the higher realms open our arms to support our children on earth.  We are always here for you.

This time will bring about oneness in bold ways.  Stay open and alert to the changes as they come.  Be mindful of what we say as you will see this transpire shortly.  Be open and let go of the old that does not serve you anymore.

We will most certainly move forward in unity with you as has been told many times.  The change will lead to mass changes quickly.  Be open and listen to your inner guide and always feel free to reach out to us in the higher realms for guidance.  We are your true family and are ready to openly serve you.

Go forward with confidence that all is well and that the time is now for change.  In loving support always.  Peace and love to you all in this new NOW moment.