Where no man has gone before…

star trek

6-25-17, Arcturian Message

Greetings. We are the Arcturians. We come to you today with news of a shift that is occurring in the Devine Plan. The Creators Plan has increased the frequency of this planet beyond that which it has ever been.

This time marks a surge in love vibrations flowing to all to open their hearts to the glory of who they really are.

This shift is happening far and wide across the multiverse. Opening not just planet earth’s inhabitants, but many other realms.

The influx of Alpha and Beta waves has sent a surge of light into the Pineal Gland and of which this quadrant has not seen in millennia.

The energy will surface all that which is no longer needed in the hearts of all. Blockages of a vibration that no longer serve humanity.

The illusion is over and so is the reign of those in control.

Your opportunities to create the world of your dreams are upon you. A world of unlimited Abundance. This is who you are, creators of your own world.

A world that will reign for eons of time as a shinning example of what can be. An example of how loves light will always prevail. It is Law.

To go “Where no man has gone before and back again”.

This is BIG to arrive back home at where your started from. Untouched yet brighter from all that has been.

This makes you stronger in the light. Beings of all kinds are cheering you on. It is a sight to behold.

Open your eyes and hearts to the new you. The you that was always keen to learn more. For you have served your mission well. Now it is time to open up to who you truly are, an Ambassador of the Light, and fulfill your contract of earths renewal.

This is your shinning moment. We love you for all that you are. It is more than words can express. We open our arms in everlasting embrace to the one who travels from a far. We end this communication tonight with love and light for all that you are and continue to guide you in every moment more fully. In peace we leave you.