6-21-14, 4:11am

We are the Arcturians. It is with pleasure that we are able to connect with you so easily.  For as you know it has been our desire to assist humanity in this capacity for some time.  We are eager to share our message with you today about WHOLENESS.

Wholeness of self can be achieved by integrating the many aspects of self, or the higher perspectives. It is through wholeness of self that you are able to communicate with us at this time.  For as you are integrated back into who you are it will be increasingly easier for you on so many levels.

Wholeness of self will give you the opportunity to create with your many aspects and receive guidance thusly. This is most beneficial as you can see from having many guides at your side to guide you at any moment.

For as you develop this aspect further you will be able to create with a greater ease. This is most advantageous to you now as you have reached your state of oneness with your authentic life.  It will assist greatly with your mission of raising awareness back into the higher states of the 5th dimension and beyond.

We see so much opportunities opening up for you and those like you. It is our desire to assist you in any way we can as you walk boldly into your new life role.  For you see you have made this possible with each and every now moment that passes by acting on your part of the mission.

As you begin to understand your multidimensional self, you will become more comfortable with who you are and this will assist you. Your abilities in clairvoyance will increase, as well as your cognitive abilities to understand our transmissions.  You see you are remembering and attaining all that you are in this lifetime.  The time has come to expand greatly beyond what you have ever thought possible.  (At least in your 3D life).

You ain’t seen nothing yet baby… We like to use these phrases your culture has.  How fun. The best is yet to come.

For you are seeing and living your connectedness to source in every moment. For to be awaken in this illusion is the greatest opportunity of all.  For you now have a backstage pass to the play to see how it is put together. No more Oz for you Dorothy. You are going home dear one.  For you are already here, just relax and open up to your new life and be free.  Until next time, in love and light the Arcturians.




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