How you FEEL is important


We are the Arcturians. Greetings to you on this wonderful day.  We are sending you impressions of words in order for you to see our vibrations in print form, our written words vibrate to the frequency of our consciousness and are sending you and all who read these words an energetic uplifting.

You see these words are expressions of our connection to source. Sources energy, LOVE, permeates all things and is who we all are.  The resonance of love is a very high vibrational frequency that cancels out all lower vibrations or frequencies.  Love is the only vibration in the multiverse.

We wish to convey to you tonight that through oneness we are all connected to the one and the many. And through oneness all is.  For it is our intent with this transmission to convey to you and all who will read these words, that your connection to source is always connected or on.  There is no off switch.  So it is our goal to help establish a clearer understanding of oneness thus giving you a clearer understanding of the one.  We will also say it is vitally important to have a clear connection to the one by your connectedness or lack there of.

First of all we want to express that the “Law of One” is our primary guide as we exist and go about our expansion. To understand this law, one must let go.  Let go of all that you were taught in the ego centered world.  The world of competition for resources, the world of right or wrong.  This world is fading fast here on this planet.  Where we are from Arcturus, there is only love.  Love for all, not just select ones.  You seek to overcome all that you have been taught, this is the highest form of expansion.  For as you do this you shift your vibrational frequency to a higher state allowing more of source energy to flow.  For source is only love and when you experience anything other than this you are being less than source or cutting yourself off of the flow of life/love.  You will feel this by your emotional/mental state.  Let this be your only guide back into oneness.

For you and all beings have this capability to feel your connection. It is only some beings and most people on earth who have over time slowly cut this off.  It has been stressed over many eons not to feel and lock your emotions inside or hide your emotions and thus not feeling anything, good or bad.

We are here today to let you know that this is changing. More and more people are understanding that the way they feel is important and that their feelings matter.  These people like yourself are taking their power back!  They now understand that they matter and the way they feel is of vital importance.  This is why the new song “Happy” is so popular now because many people are able to connect with this idea.

For you see how you feel affects your whole life force. Once you are on your path based on how you feel, all things flow easily for you.  The reverse is also true, if you are not following your feelings.  Once you follow your bliss all things are possible for you.  This is a strong message because most people have followed the opposite in their life.  You have heard of the saying “misery loves company”.

The “Law of Attraction” states that like attracts like, this is law. People have made money as their primary excuse not to listen to their hearts.  This has led to many physical illness and disease.  People on earth have come to accept this as part of life here on earth.  We are here to tell you this is not truth!  It has been something that was feed to you by those seeking profit by your control.  We want you to free your mind first and then free yourself.  Believe in that which makes you feel good.  How much more simple can you get than that.  This is the truth and the way to oneness (bliss beyond measure).

For as you reconnect to who you are (a child of source, a God spark) you will then be living the life you were meant to live. In wholeness to who you really are, a divine being.

Let us reiterate, you are a divine being. Wake up to this fact and own it.  Take back your power and become all you knew you could be before you came here.  To live any other way is being less than who you truly are and came here to be.  You can do it.  Life is meant to be lived and lived joyfully.

For as you practice our words, the words of truth, you will begin in the first moment to understand joy. For to know life is to live it, beyond measure.  We are delighted that this message is being received so well.  It is our intent that you and others who read this will step up to your authentic life now and begin to feel again.

It brings us great joy to share this message because this one message can transform your life. Raising your vibration should be your primary purpose in life.  That is the reason you came here to feel good now.

As you go about your day remember these words and think, is the task I am doing one that I enjoy, does it make me happy. If not change it.  Find something that does.  Forget about the money, money will come to you more easily when you exude passion for what you do and love.

You are not much good to anyone if you are not in love with your own life or self. These words will take you far.  Once practiced they will change your life forever.  What matters most should be the way you feel.  Remember that.

As beings of the light we are always in a state of connectedness, because we listen to our feelings and move through life effortlessly. We see that as you awaken to each new remembering of who you are, you will permanently shed your old self and be lighter and freer than you have ever felt.  For the old vibration has held many people down as if they had lead jackets.

Let the past go we say to you. Embrace who you really are and step into the light dear one.  For as this message comes to a close we want to say “thank you” for the opportunity to assist you at this time in raising the collective vibration/frequency one person at a time.  For as you know “a stone thrown into the lake will make ripples far and wide”.

You my son are making just those ripples. Stay in the love and light of who you are always.  For we are the Arcturains in service to the one.  Many blessings and peace to you.

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