The KEY to the 5th Dimension


6-2-17, Message from my guides.

In order to travel to and beyond the 5th Dimension, focus on loving thoughts. Focus on loving yourself and loving all life in service to the ONE.

In the Higher Dimensions Love is the reality. Illuminating all as ONE.

To be is a state of thought, what you think is what is. Be careful what you think.

Your thoughts can carry you far and wide, beyond the 5th Dimension and into that which you resonate with.

Grace and light walk with you by your side each and every moment. Travel far and as you think so shall it be. In loving service your guides.


Guidance from the Traveler


When we talk about guidance it usually comes from outside ourselves. Typically this is how we were raised. Well meaning guidance from our family and friends is where it usually begins.

Later in life we sometimes pay for guidance from so called experts at what they do. But when is the last time you went within to really LISTEN to your internal guidance.

Your probably discounted your internal guidance somewhere around age 10, when you began listening to adults, who you thought new everything. That’s where you are wrong!

Children are born with internal guidance and learn to listen to others and discount their own feelings/guidance. As an adult you must now reconnect and listen to your own internal guidance of what is good for YOU.

Take your power back! Listen to your heart, it truly knows what is best for you and makes you happy. Face it we are all here to be happy…that’s it.

So begin by quieting the outside chatter that is only a distraction (news media, TV, friends, family) and go within in your quiet moments and ask yourself how it makes you feel. Your feelings are everything. Listen to your thoughts, not your head telling you what you should do based on the herd mentality.

Take your power back that you were born with, but covered up with layers of fear, lack, ego, etc.

You are worth listening to, so take a moment to block out time for yourself every day, in the car or a walk around the block. You will be glad you reconnected to YOU!