Welcome to my blog.

This blog is dedicated to channeled messages from the higher dimensions.  In particular these messages are from our Arcturian star family.  The Arcturian’s I channel are 9th dimensional beings from Arcturus, located in the Boots star system.  Their messages are to guide us in this transformational time upon the planet.  They are here to awaken and guide us back into remembering who we are upon our journey back home to the higher realms of love and light.  I have also included messages from my higher dimensional guides.

It all began in the summer of 2012 when I had a Divine experience/encounter with my guides/higher self or Source.  At that time I was told and shown many things and truths and experienced intense love flowing in waves throughout my body from a spiraling vortex of energy.  To understand what I experienced more fully, I went to a hypnotist to reveal what the experience was all about.

After several hypnosis sessions I realized that my higher dimensional guides were the Arcturian’s as well as other higher dimensional beings.  Shortly after these sessions I began doing automatic writing, which mostly began around 3am after being awakened with an intense desire to write. These messages come as telepathic communication, as we are all connected to the universal mind or matrix.  The messages that I have included in this blog are direct writings from my channelings since 2014.

Since I began channeling, most of the messages have been about the transformation that is now occurring on this planet since December 21, 2012, as well as guidance and truths to assist our awakening back into who we really are.  This time we are in is being referred to as the “Age of Aquarius”, where peace and love will reign on this planet once again.  This is a time where the Divine Feminine energies will become balanced again with the Divine Masculine and the majority of the planet will experience mass ascension, bringing consciousness to a higher dimensional frequency or state of Oneness.

I have been guided to share these messages with those that are awakening and seeking the truth about who and what we are.  It is my hope that by sharing these messages that others will awaken to their inner truth and begin to seek answers and ask questions, as well as assist others on their path back to who they are.

In love and light.

The Traveler

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