Illusion of Time

6-15-14,  3:30am

Greetings we are the Arcturians. We would like to share with you in this now moment our concept of nonlinear time.  Time as you know it does not exist.  Only in this illusion has the collective decided or agreed upon this concept to express itself.  We want to share with you that in any moment all is possible.  From our perspective all is happening in this now moment of potentiality.  For as you know past, present and future is all happening in this now moment.  For to think about this consider a book and every page is infinite possibilities playing out in any moment.   You can open a page and be any where along the supposed timeline.

This is how it is possible for us to travel to other areas of the now and also see infinite possibilities playing out in any moment. We also see that the strongest path or moment that is possible for your future as it will be energetically linked to what you call consciousness and the idea of oneness.  We see infinite possibilities playing out for any moment giving you infinite realities of this moment.

For you see it is the creators perspective playing out infinite possibilities of this moment for the greater understanding of self. For your higher self is running many versions of you to gain clarity of self and for love to be expressed in many ways.

You see this is all about being in the moment and aligning with those infinite choices or realities. For at anytime during your day you are aligning with these many realities and connecting to that page and playing it out.  For your indication of this is how you are feeling and attracting that vibrational frequency that is a match in that moment.

So you see any idea or thought is already manifest in one of these realities and for your manifestation to be realized all you need to do is to get into alignment with that thought. All will flow to you easily.

For life you see is only a series of now moments and you are attracting what you want or the opposite based on your vibrational frequency. This is “Law of Attraction”.  This is how we can jump around from moment to moment in an instant, we align our thoughts with the now moment we wish to experience and we are there.

You can call this time travel, but there is not time. This is how we can connect with you even though you are a part of us and your future self is a higher expression of who we are.  Your future self is experiencing itself in this now moment by contacting/connecting with you in this now moment.  For the connection you feel to us is really your connection to your higher future self as an Arcturian.  For as you were and as you will become again are linked.

We know this concept is going to take some time to understand for your mind is not used to thinking in abstract ways. Ways that are not related to how things operate in the illusional world.  You see any and all things are a possibility for you.

We would also like to say that as you awaken more to these truths you will open up to this filed of potentiality to a greater degree. Life becomes more fun.  This is something that has not been told to you until now in order for you and all of earth to more fully live in the illusion.

It is our desire to assist you in this understanding to guide you into the higher realms more easily as you become a multi dimensional being of the now.

For your future self wills this to be expressed at this time of your awakening. For your time has now arrived to move rapidly in understanding in order to more fully be who you are and came here to be.

We want to express to you that as your mission becomes clear to you, you will be guided by your many perspectives of you.  For you are truly a multidimensional being, who can tap into any one of these perspectives of the now at any moment, breathe into it. Your expression is timeless.  Your perspective always is in the now; it is just that you now understand this.

Being your divine self opens you up to this realization and reality. For in its intricacy life is really quite simple once you understand how life is governed by these simple laws:

  • The Law of One
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Love (the base operating system)
  • The Law of Least Effort

You see up until now these laws were only known by a few on this planet in order to control. As everyone opens to these concepts they will grow in awareness exponentially.  As you know this is happening now.

It is time in this moment for Earth to transcend this reality due to the fact that the many are awakening to the truth of who they are. The GAME is over.  Only fragments of the game are still here.  The game has served its purpose, which was to expand beyond which thought was before. For the one has gained greater understanding of itself and expansion, from that perspective this is only next step. Something grand is now coming or is already here, based on your perspective. Going to where no man has gone before…

We want to close for now with that thought and know that we cherish your willingness to channel/communicate with us at this time. For we want to express our highest love for you as you walk your Devine path back to oneness.  In service to the one.  Love and light to you always.

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