Soul Purpose

6-24-14, 3am

We are the Arcturians in service to the one. We are very pleased to see your life path opening up before you so easily.  This is due to your efforts being divinely guided.   We assure you that your accession process is moving quiet rapidly due to the ease at which you are flowing and allowing life to flow through you.

For you are beginning to see that as you walk your Devine path the whole world opens up to you the creator being that you are. We would like to speak today of something that is of importance to you and that is your soul purpose. We want you to know that being aligned with your soul purpose is the highest form of connection back to self.

Your higher self knows that which you seek and when you listen to the nudges it gives you, you begin to connect back to who you truly are, a Devine being. This truth will set you free…literally.

For as you or anyone walk your Devine path or mission, then for you all things are possible, it is law. We see so many people on your planet unable to connect with their Devine essence due to blockages of their mind and body.  These can be overcome by persistence on your part and a desire for change.

Change can only occur once you allow it. Once allowed it will happen rapidly. As you are seeing it in your own life.  We think that many on your planet are ready for this change and we have seen the new light energies upgrading all who are ready.

Massive changes are happening in the lives of many across the planet due to soul level choices. We are excited to see this as it is the Creators will that it be so.  Love is cascading across your planet in higher levels of vibration each moment, allowing consciousness to rapidly expand.

For love is the highest frequency of all and will override all lower frequencies. God so loves his people that you’re will, will be done as you desire.

This expression of love from the Creator is one of selfless love for all things and a desire to expand love in more ways. Loves expression is one that will envelop you and cleanse your system of any blockages you may have, just sit back and feel this power.

It is easy for us to say these things due to our connectedness with Source. At our level we are whole and complete in the knowing of oneness.  It is only our desire to serve.  No greater satisfaction can be yours.

As you can see all paths lead back to wholeness. As you walk the higher path you were chosen for, you will understand that to complete the cycle your willingness to serve others selflessly is one that brings you into the higher realms much faster.   Since this love is closer to Sources vibrational match.

As we come to a close tonight we want to say how proud we are of you, that you are taking your power back in wholeness of who you really are. All of the creator beings about you at this time are beaming with love and gratitude for you.  In love and light we are the Arcturians, peace to you.

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