The power of THOUGHT

6-23-14, 2:10am

We are the Arcturians in love and light of the one. It is our message today to speak of thought as you would experience in your daily life. Thought is very powerful, it creates worlds.  This has been suppressed for sometime on you world as part of the control that was in place.

We are here to tell you thought is all there is. It is the substance that creates worlds.  Thought is simply an energy pattern that attracts other thoughts to itself by the “Law of Attraction”. For as you think of something you will receive more of the same thought impressions.

For we want to impress upon you that your thoughts should be monitored very diligently, lest you attract unwanted manifestations. You see we are all thoughts of the creator, who is expressing itself for the sole purpose of expanding love and to know thyself.  For each one of us is a thought made up of vibrating energy, that has come together as a desire from the one to experience this perspective.

So as you can see what you perceive to be real is only thought patterns projected into this illusion or hologram. They seem real to you only because you have hidden the truth from your eyes/self. Not so anymore as you grow back into wholeness of who you are.

You are now seeing through this masquerade. You are shaping your world as you desire through your own thoughts.  Feel the pleasure in this and live fully in the moment.  This is how all of creation works and is what you will find as your move forward in your multidimensional life.

It truly is a grand time to be here on earth. The joy of seeing you grow back into who you are excites us beyond measure.  For the time is at hand to push thought even further than it has been before.  Going further than anyone ever expected. Remember these words and live by them for they have power. In love and service to the light.  Greetings to you.

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