6-22-14, 4am


We are the Arcturians in love and service to the one. We are here today to bring our message through on clarity of purpose.  Clarity of purpose can best be achieved by ones allowing of source to fully come thru in any moment.  For as you allow, you are opening up to the greater understandings of the universe.  From this will come the clarity you seek for your life’s purpose.

Also, clarity of thought is one of the most important forms of communication that we can send you. For when your thoughts are clear then your intent can be clearly seen.  This is important to you as a creator, because it is vitally important that your manifestations be clear of thought and purpose.

For as these two aspects come into alignment with your higher aspects, then it is the creators will that your manifestations become reality. Be aware of what you are thinking and how you are feeling because this directly affects how well you create what you want in your life.  If you do not have clarity of thought and purpose your manifestations will be less than what you expected.

From our perspective these are very important topics, because if you do not master them you will be less than what you came here to be and that is a deliberate creator of your own world.

For you should also know that your diet can affect these greatly as a lack of a healthy diet can cloud your thoughts and lower your vibration and thus your link to the greater divinity of who you are.

We say this so you will be aware of what you eat at all times. A healthy diet is one of balanced nutrition centered around your body’s alkalinity.  The higher your alkalinity the higher your connection will be to all that is.  You will feel a lightness of body and spirit that will allow for a clearer stat of consciousness. Green is good!

Your society has been taught that indulgence is the way and as a result many have lost their connection to their higher self through lack of feeling. You see a poor diet leaves you feeling less than who you are emotionally, physically, and mentally.

When you are in a state of perfect balance or health you generate a higher vibration. You feel good and life force is able to move through you more freely, without getting blocked by the body.  This is something we want to impress upon you in the physical realm. That many things can lessen your higher connection to self in your environment.

You will gain a greater clarity from listening to music that resonates with you. Music can open you up to higher vibrations that are in affect raising your frequency to its higher state.  At anytime when you feel less than who you are, listen to your favorite music and you will gain clarity. You know this to be true as you quiet often do this already.

For you see in order for awakening to happen, people must balance their physical body which is a receptor of these higher vibrations. Just like a piano that has not been tuned properly, the body cannot perform at its peak if it is not carefully nurtured and cared for.

As we come to a close with this message it is our intent that as you go about your daily routine you will keep these things on your mind. For as you follow these simple steps you will increase your connection to all that is.  Once this is done you will feel the blissful state of oneness that is yours by birth right.

We close with love and light to you and as always we are here for you.

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