Life is NOT a Race

pig races

4-22-17, Message from my guides.

We come to you today to once again share our perspective on ascension. Ascension is opening your heart to who you truly are by letting go of all that does not serve you from past experiences.

We understand this can be a challenge, as held beliefs can be hard to discard if not serving your highest good.

Ascension is opening up to your highest self while walking in this physical realm. This process is slow and easy in order to ease you into who you truly are without harm.

The powerful creator being you are is of immense capacity for love.

Love is who we all are and to fit it into a physical container can be a challenge. A challenge you took on before you came here.

This process is progressing nicely. It is serving you well to get plenty of rest and to take walks in the woods to ground yourself with mother earth.

The intense energies now coming into the planet is creating stress on those not allowing or accepting of this energy.

They resist by not going with the flow, which can be easy and smooth. Instead they are agitated and run here and there during their day, not focused and confused by such strong creative/loving energies. They can feel most upset by this.

You see to allow is to relax “all things come to those that wait”.

Go with the flow means, “all is as it should be with no need to scurry about your day as if it were a race”.

All can be accomplished with focus and ease. Truly we say be as it may and let go to what is.

Nature does not run on a clock scurrying around like “a pig race at the fair”.

Relax like the animals in nature. Enjoy your journey through the day, with focus at what you want to create, not what is forced upon you by others who are distracted by life.

Relax let go and love what is before you. The experience of life!

That is why you came here, to enjoy the ride. Not to scurry about all your days on a shopping spree.

Enjoy the morning sunrise. Enjoy the birds singing. Enjoy the baby’s first steps. That’s what is important. Not all the man made distractions that are illusions taking your attention away from what is.

Beloved we know you know this. We wish for you to share this message with others at this time, by your example and words.

People are watching you and learn from others examples. This is powerful. Be yourself, walk in the flow with Ease and Grace and all is well.

We love you dearly more than we can communicate. We send you love and light of the highest order to assist you on your Divine mission.

Namaste, your guides.