In service to the ONE

6-19-14, 12:00am

We are the Arcturians. We are extremely pleased to be communicating with you today. It is our intent to share energetically uplifting insights into who we are. We are a race of beings governed by the law of one.  We are a spiritual race who believes in assisting all beings to raise their awareness through the higher understanding of oneness.

Our very purpose for living is to serve the one. We are an egoless race who shares love, joy, and peace to all.  We simply exist to share this with other beings.

We believe that through our assistance we can assist all to a higher plane of existence closer to source. We simply allow the ones life force to flow freely through us. As you have witnessed here on earth many people have chosen consciously or unconsciously to shut themselves off from this life giving energy.

As a result they have much needless suffering in their lives. For when you are aligned with source all things are possible. Repeat this.

It is clear to us that earth people need to be reminded of who they really are, in order for them to awaken and take back their powers. For if they knew who they were they would be lifted immediately out of their lower vibrational state. Ascension is just that.

As you know you are experiencing just that, a remembering of who you are in the wholeness of the one. For as you remember so will others like you.  We wish for all to awaken to free themselves from the illusion, which has a tight grip on them.  For this is the task at hand.

Your divine path is a shining example for all to see. For you are living your passion with joy.  We know you feel this to be the truth.  You will and have always been an example to help guide others who are deep in the game.  You are a light, shinning bright for all to see.

You are now stepping up your light to shine even brighter as you walk into your authentic life. We are so excited for you and share much love and support for your success and well being.  We are always here to assist you on this tremendous journey you have undertaken.

Your have come so far and have done so well. For we all are learning from you and your expansion of wholeness.  We wish to express much love and light to you.  Greetings from your light family.

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