We are the Arcturians in love and light of the one. We come to you at this time in order to share our thoughts and energy on oneness.  It is with pleasure that we are able to communicate our desire for oneness with you and guide you on your path of ascension.  We understand the many teachings of oneness and the “Law of One”.  The Law of One states that all beings, all life is interconnected into the one by source consciousness and is precious.

We also understand that to gain this perspective of oneness one must allow the ego to step aside and the love that is within can shine ever more brightly. It is our desire that as you gain increasing awareness of this concept that all things will open up for you along your path back to the one.  For as your path expands, so to does our path.  WE are all connected by universal consciousness (the grid of life).  For that is how we are able to channel our thoughts to you at this time from our ships or planet.  You see you are closer to us than you realize.

We want to also say that through this connection we share, it is becoming clearer in every moment that you are very receptive to this form of communication. Telepathy is our main form of connection and we are delighted that you find it so easily understood.  To us it is very useful to send our thought impressions to your from such a great distance.  The conscious grid makes it seem you are just a step away.

We also wish to express how much growth we have seen on your planet at this time. It appears that the love energy that surrounds your planet is opening up many opportunities for connection with other realms of existence.  For as you know from your nightly multidimensional travels that this is so.

As you progress to the next level of your spiritual development as a species, it is delightful to see so many of you able and willing to step up and take on the responsibility of stewardship as it were. For as you know you are a light worker who has come here to assist in the opening up of humanities heart to love.

The creator is filled with immense love for you as you have stepped up to your mission. It will become clear in the days to come how your new life will unfold as you have manifested it.  For you have elected to be here during this time from the beginning.

As you know you are a creator being who has come back through this moment to express the creator’s desire for loves expansion. As you move forward with your mission as a multidimensional being of the light, you will find many doors open for you with ease.  This is an indication of your alignment with your higher self’s intentions.

For as we have said you will feel with your heart what is right for you the moment, to guide your way along your path. It is a path you have previously chosen before incarnation.

Your higher self is connected to the divine plan by a blueprint of sorts that allows for source to expand consciousness at higher levels than ever before. As you know from your previous life’s experiences, oneness can only be attained by selfless love of all beings.  For as you ascend back to the one you will find that oneness is the only way to express love.

We say this because all are on a journey back to the one source. It is willed from the beginning that you would find your way back to oneness at your own pace.  For as you go through life you gain a much greater perspective of who you are by being in this moment of contrast and emotion.  For it has served you and the planet well in your transformation back to oneness.  The contrast has been so strong that many have gained incite more rapidly than we anticipated, allowing the timing of your shift to greatly be upgraded.

It is with much pride for all of earth that this is occurring. Even though many are still asleep.  For even though they are asleep, their higher self has gained a broader perspective of life.  This expanded view of self is what makes it possible for life to expand further.  It is like a stone rolling down hill picking up momentum as it goes faster and faster.  This is what you are experiencing on your journey at this time.  The more you know the more you will learn and grow rapidly

For this journey is like no other. It is why so many on this side are gathered here before you to see how you are experiencing this ride.  As you know we are here for you and all just for the asking.  It is our pleasure to be here for you, so call on us often as well as the other light beings and angelic realms.

We are in service to you dear one always. With love and light to you always.  Peace.

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