Illusion of Separation

6-12-14, 2:40am

We are the Arcturians. Today we wish to speak about earths illusions.  We find it interesting that so many are caught up in the illusion or matrix as you call it.  We see so many wanting to free themselves from the game and connect more freely with source.  We are excited about this and cherish the moment when the game is over, as it is dissipating every moment.

The only reality is love. The illusion of separation only existed because of the choice to feel separation, not real separation again only an illusion of one. For in reality there can be no separation just like your arms and legs cannot be separate entities of your physical body.

We wish to convey that in order to live in oneness the only thing needed is the concept or belief in oneness. Once you believe then all will follow for you.  You see this is law.  We are proud to see many seekers find this truth.  We see everyone on your planet evolving to see this truth and others in the time ahead.  And we do mean not to distant time, we might add.

We have come here for the sole purpose to share this oneness concept today. Because this is very important as your next step in evolution. Live into this and contemplate this idea more fully.  Put into practice what we say and what you know to be the truth.  For we want to express our love in this moment by guiding you to this energetic thought.  For as you grow so too do we and all of creation.

As you know all of creation is attuned into what is taking place in this now moment on earth. Your precious planet is going through a tremendous shift in energy and taking all of you with her.  What a joyous time indeed a celebration of life.

We understand that many may find these words foreign, but will feel deep in their hearts truths in our energy transfer. We see that as you develop higher dimensional levels of energy that you will perceive greater truths.  This is law.  We only say this because we see you and so many light workers like you reaching these higher energetic states.  Very easily we might add.

This opens up a whole new door of possibilities that did not exist even a short time ago for you and others. Things will become easier for you moment by moment.  We will end this transmission for now, but wish you great love and light from source and who we all are.  Greetings dear one.

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