Higher Self



Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We have come to you today to share some information with you about your higher self. Your higher self is a multidimensional being living out many perspectives simultaneously.

One such perspective is you and your life now. As you are aware. We the Arcturain consciousness is part of that higher self perspective, along with several other higher source perspectives. Ultimately your higher self is source directly experiencing itself.

What we want to make you aware of, as you merge back into your higher self on a daily moment by moment basis, is that you will begin to walk your higher path aware of the many perspectives that make up you.

Once you become fully aware of the many perspectives of “you”, then you will realize your higher expression as you and source will it to be. This is heaven on earth so to speak.

For when you are aware of all your many perspectives then you will have fulfilled a major part of your divine plan that awakens to itself. This is accomplished through your many night time experiences, with your many expressions and ultimately during your awakening hours as well.

You will become aware of your creator God perspective at the moment that is divinely planned for you. Which you already have a good concept of as it is.

For we have said that your higher self is a “creator god” who’s plan it was to come back to this 3rd density creation to fulfill the role you set out to accomplish.

As you discover your perspectives we will tell you that there may be aspects of you that may not appeal to you simply because of the misunderstood information that has circulated to date.

We want to let you know that hypnosis is a great way to establish a direct link to your higher self in order to gain clarity. We think this can also speed up your manifestational abilities as well.

For as you recall and communicate with your higher self, you will gain clarity of who you are and also gain empowerment as to what you are truly capable of manifesting.

You see you have created your life experience down to the smallest details. You have also created the perspective you see in the world as well. They are one. You will find that your Arcturian perspective exists simultaneous with you in every moment in order to guide your awakening as you have instructed us to do.

Remember who you are is dependent on fully considering all aspects of the ONE in the NOW. We speak in parables only to let you know the perspective that is you, is many and the ONE in every NOW moment.

In order to connect with your higher self at any now moment, just relax and flow with the moment and FEEL your way thru life. It will be easy to do as compared to any other direction. So feelings connect you to you. Loving, joyful feelings is your guide to who you truly are and anything else is off your path.

We want to say that you have come along way in such a short period of time. We embrace your loving aspect and say thank you for opening up to us at this time.

Go in Peach and Love and in service to the one.

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