Listen to your FEELINGS


We are the Arcturians. Here today to share our perspective on the current happenings on this planet. Even though things seem to be in chaos, actually you are witnessing the beginnings of a positive change. Change always starts with a coming together or a clash of energies.

In this instance change is occurring on many fronts. Change at the government level, change at the personal level, and change overall in the collective consciousness.

You see the collective consciousness of earth is waking up to their truths and taking their power back. Large numbers of people are coming together for the first time to express how they FEEL.

These feelings up until now have been suppressed due to control over others groups and the density of the matrix. People for the first time feel that they matter and want to be heard.

This is wonderful, as it is a sign that humanity’s vibration has risen beyond the point of no return. To a point of increased vibratory rate sufficient to propel in mass the collective beyond the 5th Dimensional matrix. This is heralding in a new age of truth and oneness. This is happening faster and faster. This is the Age of Aquarius.

The man you call Trump is responsible for pushing the limits in order to evoke a response. Waking people up for the first time to their inner power. This man has come to the scene in order to make necessary planetary changes that can move the collective beyond 3D thought and into Oneness thinking.

He has come here to move humanity forward in thought. This is done in order to increase loves flow into the hearts of those that were / are asleep.

We realize that this chaos might seem to be the opposite of what we see humanity ultimately moving into, but drastic changes are required to move forward.

The truth can sometimes be hard to accept and change can be fearful. We recommend just relaxing and listening to your heart as to what seems to be the next step for you. Always listen to your heart for guidance as it knows the direction to proceed.

We hope this helps all to understand the moments we are in and to navigate doubt and fear more easily. We wish all speedy transition into the light.

From our perspective your Oneness back into who you are is assured. It can only be so. The father has decreed it so.

In loving light to you brother of the light. We are always hear for you, call upon us often. Love and light always.

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