2-5-17, Messages from my guides.

Greetings to you dear one. “Times are a changing” you’ve heard this saying in the past. Well this phrase is one that you can use today and it will certainly have meaning.

Time for starters is disappearing. No time is where you are headed. The timeless NOW is where reality is. No man made construct will stand the test of TIME.

We bring you good news. The enfoldment of your dimension into the light is happening. This means that all conscious beings in the light are moving into higher energies that will transform their lives. This means that all who are ready or willing can transcend all duality, if they choose, and live in Oneness more fully moment by moment.

Trust your heart to lead you down the new path. You have come so far in a short period of time. Your journey home is inevitable. We greet you with loving arms wide open.

For you are us joining as One. The many things we will share will increase your daily enjoyment. For life is supposed to be fun. Remember that always.

As we come to a close we remind you to BREATH. Each breath holds the key unlocking doors to your new life. A life filled with LOVE. Love for all beings.

In peace and love we come to you and with peach and love we leave you. Your dearest guides.

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