Multidimensional Learning


We are the Arcturians, greetings to you. We wish to share with you the insights we have learned from being multidimensional beings, beings of light.

We have a greater awareness through our energetic bodies than we ever did while being purely physical beings. To start with as you become more of a multidimensional traveler, so to speak, you will learn the art of pure thoughts and how to clear your mind of unwanted things.  As a multidimensional being you will encounter many insights and wisdom that will forever change your reality and self.

For when you travel your higher aspect is learning and growing on so many more levels that you did while in 3D reality.

For you should know that you are in the 4D reality transforming into the 5D world of light and sound. Your new life has brought you to the 4D world of transformation.  You now walk in a higher state of awareness than you once did only a short time ago.

As you walk your new life you will discover that to be a multidimensional being you must clear your mind of unwanted thoughts by focusing on only that which serves you best as wanted joyful thoughts.

For you are a powerful creator who is here to teach and assist others in this transformative process. One where your passion is your life and there is no distinction.  No longer going off to a place to create. Your whole life is about creating now.

As you become more proficient in focusing your thought, you will speed up the manifestation process to a point where it will be instantly created. This is closer than you think my dear one. For in the higher realms all is possible.

Multidimensional travel is preparing you to move forward in your waking life, so to speak, with ease and grace. All of the lessons you learn while multidimensional traveling has prepared you well.

A time will come soon where you will walk closer to who you really are.  A seeker of truth in all dimensions growing back into the oneness of the creator.

As you become consciously aware of the oneness of all that is, it will clear your mind of all other thoughts of separation. For your see you are connecting with life in a greater way than you once did.  This is assisting you greatly with your mission to open all to the love that is NOW.

Until next time go in peace and love of all.


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