Devine Love

7-12-14, 6:40am

We are the Arcturians. Greetings to you.  We wish to take this opportunity today to illustrate to you Devine love in action.

As you can see from the many forms of life on your planet and the multitudes of life in other worlds, source has filled the whole with love through its many perspectives. For source so loves the diversity in order to be love and share love with all.

The diversity of self as source has filled the multiverse with Devine love in action. You are that Devine love in physical manifestation. For it is willed that this expression be one of love physically to bring thought to a more leading edge.  A place to explore and expand from this perspective.

For it was your will to experience this magnificent perspective in order to gain insight into who you truly are, a unique expression of source. In order to better understand this you also decided to come here in this platform and forget all that you are, in order to experience more fully.

Devine love is now dissolving this illusion of forgetfulness and you are understanding who and what you are again. How exciting it is for us to see this awakening out of such a deep slumber, for so many of you. Some will choose to remain in slumber and most will awaken to the Devine love they are.

It is with great expectations that we are assisting so many of you now. We see our efforts expanding in many greater ways due to so many now awakened like yourself.

To awaken is to remember who you are and why you came here. Very simple isn’t it. You might call this in the light again or enlightenment. For you were in the dark and now you are in the light.  A flip of the switch.

As we have said in the past some will choose to stay in the dark as part of their soul journey. This is as they wish.  For you can decide what your experience will be not us or source. Freewill is the order of the day.

Do not think less of these people they are living the life they chose. They will go onto another place and time to be able to do this.  From our perspective we see so many of you awakening to who you are and it uplifts all.

We see in the near future your perceptions becoming stronger of us on the other side. You are feeling our energies now.  This is because you are climbing up to meet us.

As you rise above and increase your frequency you will be able to do more and more. Things you can only dream of now. For you are Devine source in action manifesting your reality in every moment allowing source to expand fully.

You will feel as if you have been given super powers and that is still not a good comparison of who you really are.

For as you walk your Devine path love radiates out to all those you come into contact with. This will touch their life in most profound ways.   For Devine love knows no boundaries and is opening the eyes of those around you as to what is possible in this new world.

As we close we would like to add, that your will be able to connect with us now like never before due to your higher frequency. You will feel us at all times for we are one.  In love and light.  Peace to you dear one.

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