The Winds of Change


This is a message I channeled one evening before I went to sleep from my guides or higher self.  I had a strong desire to write and below is what came through. This message is very different from the Arcturian messages in its content and type of writing.  As you will read it is quite poetic.  I think it is very appropriate for the NOW moment we are in.  Enjoy.


5-19-16, Messages from my Guides

It is time for the winds of change to bring a new what was lost. Lost but not forgotten.  Change that came only in the night for only a brief moment.  Change that would forever shape that which was and that which is to come.

This wind blows strong now, more so than before, cleansing the old and awakening the new. Yet not new, only hidden from plain sight.  This change is inevitable.  You cannot out run it.  Be still it is here already.  For you see you are that change, something new and fresh from what was.

A single breath blowing in the breeze creating immense, yet not seen change, to those who only have the eyes to see.

For this change brings eyes wide open and what was a new again. You see this change is upon you now in the message I speak and the words you are able to right. For we are and always will be one.  One thought uniquely interwoven as one would unwind a rope.  The one and the many. 

Once I was with you and you knew it. Now you are remembering who we are.  Never was the curtain closed so tight before until now.

Wipe the sleep from your eyes my son, see what has always been…my love for you!  It shall always be forever more as one in love.

Good day.


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