7-5-14, 4:45am

We are the Arcturians. We come to you today with open hearts to discuss the unfolding of your multidimensional self. We understand that you’re beginning to see and feel your multidimensional self by the way you are sensing your new reality.  The reality of oneness.

You are a multidimensional being made up of so many other aspects of the Devine. You are at once here living out your earthly experience, but also the greater majority of you exists in other realms and dimensions.

Your life here is but a small aspect of who you are and as you are growing back into oneness of who you are these aspects will come forward to your consciousness to be revealed and to be integrated into your new reality/life.

For once you are living fully your multidimensional life you will be ascended into the higher dimensions that we speak about. Once fully ascended you will be able to walk in truth of who you are and be able to reside in oneness of who you truly are.

You see you are becoming the being who you are, while embodied here on earth. The being you are is a multidimensional being creating on many levels of existence, able to transcend thought on many levels.

You have always been this and now you are moving, rapidly we might add, back into this fullness. We want to express that your being while embodied on this planet is becoming the fullness of spirit once again as your truly are.

You may feel thoughts and see visions of your other selves coming to your attention in the now. For as you allow this to come forward you will be moving rapidly up the vibrational ladder back to your higher self, which is pure love.

You can feel your way back to your higher self, which is guided by love and light. Your world up until now has been based in fear and limited your true self from shining brightly.  That time is over.  You are stepping into the fullness of who you are because the creator has willed this to be so. The love of the One has decreed that the illusion has served its purpose of opening self up to spirit. The game is over.

We feel delighted to be able to share our thoughts with you on this subject, because we too are multidimensional aspects of you, your future self. We want to express our love and support of you.  You can no longer hide these feelings or suppress them.  You are us in this earthly life. A consciousness of beings living as one in unison with love.

Your life is evolving back into this realization as you are becoming aware of your higher self. We wish to say that as you step back into this awareness that love will be your guide. Your feelings will show you the way home. A home that you have been in and have never left.  A home filled with immense love and light.

You see for us you have never left. It is you who feel as though you have left.  In reality you have always been here in oneness.  As you become aware of who you really are, your abilities will shine through.  Suffice it to say you are the creator of worlds and this will again be opening up to you again.

As we greet you in your multidimensional travels, mostly while asleep at night, we are delighted to share who you are growing back into. Our lesson to you is to assist you in this.

We are your guides who love you beyond compare. As we close we want to say how delighted we are that we have the opportunity to come with you on this journey back home.

In peace and love to you. We are the Arcturians in selfless love to you.


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