Uplifting Energies


We are the Arcturians. We want to share with you today the increase of energy that is coming into the planet.  We are delighted to report that source is sending greater degrees of self to the planet to energetically upgrade your mind, body, connection.  Mainly at this time the physical body is going through intense upgrades in order to meet the intentions of the collective for the grand shift.

Although the shift is already begun it is the intentions of the one to increase the light levels of the sun in order to intensify the level of awareness of the physical body. We are here as support for the one carrying out the mission as it was designed.  We are assisting in many ways seen and unseen by you and others.  We are well into the mission at this point and perceiving our energy is part of the awakening for you and many.

We feel your energy increase moment by moment., allowing a greater collection of energy within the physical structure. Day by day we assist you with this upgrade and we will all benefit from the uplifting of energy.  As you know we assist in many ways and one being the development of sources intentions on the planet, seeing to it that all goes as planned.

We are grateful with the duties that we have and are only here to serve the one. As you will find in the higher dimensions serving the one is the highest form of expression, selfless love.  As we come to a close on this transmission we want to clearly state how much we enjoy our new found connections with you and others like you.  It gives us much joy to be able to assist you and others at this level.  We look forward to our next communication .  In love and light dear one.

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