UNIQUE Perspective


This is an interesting message I received from the Arcturians reminding us that we are all unique perspectives of the creator.  It reminds us how we are all connected and how we all learn from one another through that connection.

I want to share the above photo that I took in a cavern in Puerto Rico in the fall of 2016 on a family vacation.  In the photo you can see many orbs or other unique perspectives/entities.  I felt prompted to take photos the moment we were in the center of the cave.  From the inception of planning the trip I was drawn to visit the cave.  I went there many years earlier and thought it was such a beautiful and unique place to visit.  When I went into the cave I began to feel the extremely high energy there and to hear communications from the other entities, saying “welcome” “thank you for coming to share your light”.  I felt so overwhelmed by the intense love flowing from these perspectives that I got very light headed and had to hold on to the railing.  I feel these entities are beings who are called elementals or balancers of the planets energies.  What a unique experience for me that I will always remember.

I hope you enjoy the message today and are uplifted by the words expressed here.


4-17-15, 3am

Greetings! We are the Arcturians. We come to you today with open hearts. We wish to share with you today the uniqueness of who you are.

You are a very unique perspective of source. Here to learn and grow in love.   There is no other perspective quite like you anywhere in the universe.

Source learns and grows through you. It is as if sources eyes, ears and mouth are yours. Source came here to experience itself in this dense realm. It was unclear whether or not this dense realm would hold enough light and love to enable Source to experience itself. The illusion of separation from itself only put that much more light into this realm wanting to know itself for who it was. So as you see the dense qualities of this realm still want to know who and what it is

Sources love grows under any and all conditions. The qualities of this dualistic plane did not hinder source from wanting to know itself. Every aspect of source is always moving back to the whole in an effort to become self-aware.

You see self-awareness will always occur under any and all conditions in due time, the law of least effort requires this.

So every perspective will eventually become self-aware of who it is, regardless of surroundings in the environment.

The God spark is ever so powerful leading back to unification with self.

Thus in due time all on planet Earth will rise in consciousness to become self-aware or enlightened to who they are.

Everyone on Earth is a God spark learning and growing back into source (who they really are).

So nothing needs to be done truly to make this happen it will eventually occur.

What is different now is that the energies about the planet are opening up people to this fact sooner rather than later due to free will.

People are asking for this on such a global scale that source is opening itself up to who it is outside of the illusion that much sooner.

We feel that this is a once in a lifetime event as this has not occurred in any realm up to this point. We are here to tell you that it is going better than expected as well.

We are here to make sure of that.

We are in constant contact with all light workers or star seeds to assist in all ways.

Right now for example you are opening up to increase communications with us for increased vibratory energies here to enhance who you really are. They will open your eyes more quickly to who you are.

Your essence is that of oneness in all that is. Source and all of creation is unique. Every perspective gives a unique opportunity for knowing and learning.

This realm has brought so much growth to the unified field that all beings have gained from its light or lack thereof.

You see we are all connected so what one does we all can learn from.

Beyond this ego based realm, Oneness is the order of the day. All beings know who they are. There is not a cloud of forgetfulness as there is here.

Every being understands source and their connection as well. Free will gives the perspective its own identity until it grows closer to who it really is.

Full unification occurs after many perspectives and lifetimes have occurred. Oneness back into self eventually occurs. This is the highest expression of self to fully know self.

Once back into self the process repeats.   A God speak is sent or created out of itself to further explore thought and take it where it has not gone before.

We tell you all this to say do not feel sorry for all who do not see the path back home yet. They will on their own timing. All will.

Be happy that they are enjoying this realm even in forgetfulness of who they really are. Their higher self knows exactly what they need at any given time in order to grow.

Their growth is assured. Rejoice in knowing that all is well in any moment, all is as it should be, this is law.

We have enjoyed this communication immensely. It is easier to convey our thoughts to you than ever before, due to an increase in energies.

We always welcome any assistance we can give you. Call upon us often for support or upliftment.

In love and light your family in the stars.

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