8-8-14, 12:20am

We are the Arcturians. Today we would like to share with you our understanding of time. Time as you know it does not exist anywhere. Only in your 3D world does it govern your life.

We in the higher realms only live in the NOW. So past, present, and future, only exist NOW. Time was put into place on your world by those who wanted to control. You see if you believed there was a finite period in which to do something this would create fear of not getting it done in “time”.

For many their whole life is governed by the clock. They move quickly as if there are not enough moments to live. We are here to tell you that the concept of TIME is no longer a governing factor.

You are experiencing it in your life by way of living moment to moment. All time per se is blurring.

We acknowledge that the 3D construct will take a while to fully dissolve the illusion of time. But we tell you this, at a certain point people will all of a sudden have an aha experience and time will have stood still.

As you know when you are enjoying the moment time ceases to exist. We tell you all of this because God exists outside of the TIME construct. And as you grow back into who you really are you will leave time behind as well.

For your life is NOW. Live it well dear ones.

Until next time peace and love to you!

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