9-3-17, Message from the Arcturians

Greetings, We come to you today to express the love we feel for you.

It is important that during this time of increased change that your physical vessel rest as often as necessary in order to function properly.

The energy that is now about the planet is the highest mankind has ever felt.

It is activating latent energies within the body not felt for eons of time.

The computer is now rebooting and coming back “online”. Online with your true self in the drivers seat.

This is indeed a most grand time. You are now reconnecting with all that your are. A Divine physical manifestation of the creator.

We implore you to open your eyes to this new day and wipe the sleep away. It will take some time until you are fully activated. Fully “online” again. There are many wonderful things in store for you and humanity as you come back “online”.

Your connection to source “who your are” will continue to expand with the realization that you are all that is.

Your life will begin to operate from a new perspective, one of complete oneness with all life. You will have a new outlook for your fellow man, one of compassion and unity.

This unity will connect all earth as one.

We your star family will be more connect as well. As you are now writing it will expand into direct collaboration with eyes wide open.

The time is Now! We wait in loving expectation of your arrival into the higher energies. It has been some time and we are ready to begin the transition into this new world with you. In hopes that all goes smooth and easy for all.

We love you so much, our young star family. It is our desire to assist in anyway, call upon us often, your team is standing by.

With much love for you and your mission, we are the Arcturians your beloved self.

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