Enjoy the JOURNEY




We are the Arcturians. Greetings to you and all on Earth. We are delighted to be able to share with you all that is transpiring on your world and beyond.

Your time of energetic release is now here. By this we mean it is time to release fully the old ways that no longer serve you on this planet. The energetics that are now fully in place causes each of you to fully flush out the old paradigm that was in place and replace it with your new operating system of love and light.

The creator has willed that all on this planet be uplifted out of the third density fear based reality that was driven by greedy purposes.

Only love is real and can ever last. The new is emerging like a flower opening up one piece at a time until one day it will be fully blossomed into new magnificence.

We are here to tell you that you have come a long way and that only a short time is needed to manifest the truth and light.

We are here to assist at all times. As you know we have set into motion the creator’s desires for this shift to occur. We are blessed with this task to assist all who open up their hearts to us.

As for yourself you can clearly see your new multidimensional self awakening. As we have stated in earlier transmissions, your time is now. You are awakening to who you truly are, which is a creator God who was sent here to assist in the awakening or remembering of the light.

For as you now know you are the example of the new creation.

You will also be guided by several of your higher master guides in the steps yet to come for you. We realize you feel at a loss at this time, but be patient until the next piece of the mission unfolds for you.

You will know when it comes and when it is your time to step in. We feel your passion for life and know that you are ready for all to awaken in order to move forward with the divine plan. But we say, enjoy the journey, as every moment is here to be cherished.

We hope for you increased clarity of your next step. Wait for signs from us and your other higher angelic guides in order to move more fully forward.

Until next time go in the love and peace, you beloved self.

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