Open your Hearts to LOVE


10:30pm, 12-19-16  Messages from my guides


Greetings.  It is our desire to communicate with you today with regards to the Christmas season that is upon you.

For you see the season is the reason so many people are ready to share their love and light.  From this view point it is most beneficial.  On the other hand, much has been distorted at this time based on Christmas tales.

As you are aware deception has led many astray, including most religious  institutions.  Christmas is a time of sharing it it so, but far beyond that it is a time for reconnecting with the energies that I and others set fort on this planet.

Yes it is true, LOVE will set your free, but it is also true that loving your neighbor as yourself opens all doors to barriers that have been put into place.

Love is who we are, Christmas allows all of you to open your hearts and share that if only for a brief time and under false pretenses (advertising/media).

You see the message is still clear “open up your hearts to love and it will lead the way”.

In loving support your brother Jesus.  Love and peace to you always dear one.

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