Focus on the STILLNESS


6-20-14, 3:00am

We are the Arcturians. Welcome to this wonderful now moment. For we would like to express our joy and appreciation for all that you are doing in this moment.  You are holding much love and light for yourself and others.  We commend you on the great job you are doing.

For when you are on your higher path all falls into place so easily and effortlessly. As you can see life is unfolding very nicely for you and your family.  Call upon us at anytime for assistance as well as the angelic higher realms.  We are her to serve you.

It is also so nice to see that many like you are stepping up to their fullness of who they really are, their true self or higher self. For it is clear to us that as the energy’s about your planet increase in vibrational frequency that you and others like you are able to breathe this in and transmute the energy into your physical structure.  This pleases us immensely.

For the Devine plan for your planet is moving faster and easier than we anticipated. As you know the illusional world hear is quiet heavy and is holding many back from realizing who they are.  It is up to all of us to be the light so that they can awaken in this moment to their fullness as well.

It is the collective intent to transcend this illusion in mass and ascend back into the fullness of truth. Many are caught up in the varied distractions that abound on your planet. They need to focus on the stillness of the moment to begin to feel their connection to source, life.

As you know many will not awaken in this lifetime, but many more will. Do not feel sad for those who are not awakening for it is their soul truth they are living in each moment as well.  And their higher self is living the life they came here to live, even while unknown to them.  For everyone is on their own path to expansion of their higher self.

Be excited that everyone in this illusion is living out their souls experience just as they came here to do. For it is with an open heart that you should look upon them. The ride they chose here is the most exciting ride to be expressed by the ONE for purposes of greater truths and expansion.

We know that you are expanding in your fullness quite rapidly due to your soul contract. For you know that your path was chosen by you and others for the purpose of opening awareness in this moment.

Your time here has brought you many varied experiences that you would not have had anywhere else. When we say it is with great pleasure that you came here, we mean all of who you are, which is many perspectives.

Your higher self is made up of many perspectives of the ONE.  This may be difficult for you to understand because you see yourself as one distinct perspective.  But in truth you are many.

We as a race are made up of many aspects of the ONE in many different timelines and dimensional experiences. As you transcend back to your higher self you are learning this.  Do not be afraid of this concept, embrace it fully for it is so.

For you are Devine in truth and exist in wholeness of “light”. For your connection is becoming easier with us each day.

Your many abilities to feel the truth exist. You are just now able to see more clearly due to the energetic upgrade from the ONE.

As your abilities progress, so too will your joy for they are intertwined. As you saw or heard today, you can easily channel our thoughts by writing, as well as vocalizing them aloud.  It is your choice which you prefer.  You will also know that other areas of abilities are coming forth at this time as well. Your light shines brighter and brighter.

As we come to a close, we want to express our desire for further expanded connection in your waking and sleeping moments, for we have much we are offering to teach you or help you to remember. It will be based on your willingness to accept this belief.

For your growth is our growth as well and as you are ready for further instruction it is given freely. We sense that you are open and will seek to honor our commitment to serve you.

As you know our connectedness to you is strong, as you can feel this in your body and mind.  We will make ourselves known to you by this feeling in your physical structure.  It is our frequency that you are feeling.

As we have said many times, thank you for all that you are doing in service to the ONE. We are delighted to be able to share this moment with you.  For we are one with you and the light.  In love and light to you, until the next transmission.



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