Follow your PASSION



6-18-14, 3:40am

We are the Arcturians. Greetings to you. We are thankful for this opportunity to bring our thoughts forward in service of the one.  It is our intent to express to you our love and appreciation for what you are doing as you walk your divine path back to your authentic self.

We see that as you are increasing your connection to who you really are, that you are enjoying life more fully and everyone around you can see your connectedness to the one.  For when you are passionate about life others can see and feel your energy as well and life is easy and simple.

For we enjoy seeing you from our perspective, which is through the eyes of source. Our message to you is this, to concentrate only on your connection to source by following your passion in life moment by moment, this is the most important thing you can do as you walk in truth of who you are.

As you increase your vibration you will rise in awareness to higher dimensions that resonate with your intentions. In this sense you are living in the expanded awakened universe.

For as you rise in vibration you are closer to sources vibration of love and all things are possible for you.

This awareness expands out in all directions and is what you call ascension. Ascension is nothing more than climbing the vibrational ladder back to wholeness with the one.

As you are integrated back to source you will awaken to your divine self and understand that love permeates all that you are. It is how we live moment by moment.  As you live your divine path or mission all else falls away that is not who you are.  You become who you were meant to be…your true self.

As a result of this we and the universe gain from your expansion and love. We understand it is the prime directive of one to exponentially grow in love consciousness by this act.

The creator’s purpose is to share love and light with all of its perspectives in order to become a unified source. Unifications with the many through thought and expanded awareness.

There is no other reason in the divine plan for life to exist if love cannot expand. This reality is in place for the soul’s purpose of the one to experience itself through the many perspectives of self.  All paths lead back to the one.

As you become aware of your gifts of higher awareness, we wish for you to be able to share this with select people you meet in order to raise the collective energy. Everyone is walking their divine path as they have created it.  Your example will awaken their remembrance of who they are and will expand their mind to ask questions.  For as you live your life you are a living example of your connection to source.  People will feel this and seek to emulate this in their life and to expand.

One stone tossed in the water sends out many ripples. This is how you are to live your life.  Have fun and enjoy every moment fully in oneness with who you are and you will be happy all the days of your life, and others will open up their heart to you.

We end this transmission this morning with this one last truth…for as you love so will you attract more love, it is the law of attraction. In love and light my dear one.  Until next time peace and love to you.


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