Be in the Moment

6-10-14,  3:45am

Greetings we are the Arcturians. We have gathered today to bring love and insights into the human experience.  We know that energetically you may feel sensations about you throughout your day.  This is a sign of our closeness and communication with you.  For when your feel these sensations it is evidence of our love for you as that is our highest expression for you and earth.

Remember this is something that you have asked for in the agreements with us as a sign of your connection to us.  We acknowledge your agreement and wish for you to remember as well.

We clearly understand that you are very busy at this time on your mission manifesting the new life you have desired.  We are so excited for you as this is what the greater one has planned for you.  It must be extremely fulfilling to know that you are walking your divine path more each moment.  For as you progress we want to make sure you stay grounded in the moment.  As we have said the moment holds the key to your connection with source.

In appreciation of all that is we do understand your task at hand and will guide you always in the direction of fulfillment.  We understand the bigger picture from source and how your role fills a big piece of this by how you reach the masses by which your create.

We feel so proud of your accomplishments at this time and want to express our desire to assist anyway we can by your asking.  It is our pleasure to be able to assist you and earth.  We now will close but will reconnect shortly.  As always your connection doesn’t’ end with this transmission, for your thoughts our ours and vice versa.  Greetings and good day to you beloved one.

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