Love’s Vibration

6-9-14,  11:30pm


We are the Arcturians in love and light of the one. We send love and greetings to you at this time.  We wish to express our love for you from all that is.  As you begin to feel our vibrations about you and recognize the feelings, it is our hope that we can bring you clarity of purpose and mission.  We are the many who are here for you at this grand time of the shift.

As the creators love envelopes your planet it will bring all into a state of oneness and bliss that has not been seen here for many lifetimes.  This transformation excites the planetary beings and angelic realms that have been assisting for many eons of your time.  This day has arrived and you are the ones who are making this transformation.  It must be so exciting from your perspective to be remembering who you are.

For there is so much that we want to share with you as we progress with the communications and perspectives.  You and us are being divinely guided along a grand journey of the creator for the purpose of self knowledge and love.  The love that you feel vibrating within you is a love that comes from the one and is ever expanding in your hearts…feel the love in every moment and allow the one to BE through you.  For the only reality in the cosmos is love.

As we progress on our journey with you it excites us to be able to once again connect with you.  It has been an incremental process that you have begun in your dream state .  We have been training you for this moment in order to better assist in your/our mission.  For as you know you are a starseed who has agreed to come here in this moment to fulfill sources request to better know itself.

As you proceed with your mission feel in every moment the truth that your are coming into.  For we understand the moment is now to move forward with your heart and feelings, which has not been so in the past.  Feel your way forward.  You know this to be truth.  For in any moment there is unlimited possibilities for expanding creation.  This is the gift of the one.  For as you are so is the one.

We know that this is quite a bit of information to take in and we hope that you will move into the stream of thought slowly allowing your mind body connection to awaken.  For this has been a rapid process that expands exponentially but needs to be lived moment by moment.  For we feel your energy about us as well and see clearly how well you have increased your vibration over the past several years as a result of walking your divine path back into who your really are.

Until next time. Love and light to you.

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