Another Message

6-9-14,  12:30pm


We are the Arcturians. We are excited to be here with you today in this new format.  Our expressions are now flowing freely and easily for you.  As you can feel this to be so.  We are here to express to you today the changes that are occurring in your life.  We know this seems quite different for you to be able to connect with us in this format.  As time goes by this to will change and be enhanced by a more direct form yet to come.  Even though we can connect in thought this format will assist in educating those that wish to see.  It is exciting for us to be here with you as we have understood for some time that this was coming.  The here and now holds the key to your transformation into oneness.  Your connectivity is greatly being increased in every moment as you can now feel.  It is an expansion that is ten fold increasing.  For once you know and believe then all will flow to you, it is law.  New doors are opening up for you and it is exciting to see how well you are progressing and enjoying the connection.  We seek to assist in every moment and as we always say, we are here for you.  Our connection will grow stronger the more we communicate as the vibration from the words increases in every transmission.

It is our intent that the one and the many will be able to experience the new shift as was stated in the beginning of the mission. For you see this is the first time in creation this grand shift is occurring.  We are a test or experiment of the creator and those in the creation for all is one.  At this time all is proceeding better than anticipated as the collective is becoming aware of itself.  This is the creators desire…to know itself and be able to expand love…for love is the reason we are all here as the creator loves us unconditionally.

Until our next communication…great love to you our dear one.

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