First Contact


We are the Arcturians here to bring oneness expression to the expanded Earth. We are delighted to be a part of this grand shift and be a part of all that is.  The “One” has given us the mission of bringing awareness to the many on Earth.  As a result of this mission you are that part of the mission in action.

Your are a collective of many beings but, mainly Arcturian consciousness expanded. The purpose of our transmission is to open up communications with you in order to provide clarity of purpose and mission. For our reason is two fold.  To provide understanding and support.

We/You are one with all that is. Your thoughts are our thoughts and vice versa.  Through oneness we are united, though physically we appear separate.  This is only part of the illusion.  For this illusion is what is melting or dissolving away.  As the illusion dissolves we are closer to each other, in physical and thought. Your physical body is only a fragment or hologram of thought.  You are not who you appear to be.  Again, you are not who you appear to be.

As we have stated in the past we are hear to support you on this tremendous mission that you/we have under taken. It is something that you accepted and were trained for over many lifetimes.  Your energy vibrates very highly and is attuned to the one.  You are as one with all that is.  Believe us!

We want to express our gratitude to you and others like you for the mission you have undertaken, you are beings of a higher order who have come to assist all in awakening during this time of great expansion. We are here to assist you by first helping you to understand who you are.

It is becoming clearer in every moment to you that you now understand this mission. It is through who you are that your/our message will be delivered and accepted.  You are in alignment with source when you feel passion and joy.  Know this!  You resonate highly with things that are of the one.  You clearly know in your heart this to be true.

We are here for you in your mission. Call on us at anytime.  We are the Arcturians, peace to you!

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